Game Theory - Exploiting Superior Knowledge

Many smart contracts implement game-theoretic elements. Most also implement some form of automation, e.g. users deposit liquidity which gets used according to a given strategy. This strategy can be vulnerable when it

Properties vs Fuzz tests

There are quite a few fuzzing related tools. However, it's not always clear how they fit together in the fuzzing picture. Do you write properties with Scribble, or do you fuzz using foundry?

You Should Look for Game Theory Bugs

Many auditors and bounty hunters don't look for game-theoretic and economic flaws. Instead, they focus on the more tangible and well-known types of attacks. This is unfortunate as a game-theoretic design flaw can

Don't Ignore Oracle Extractable Value!

Not enough people care about Oracle Extractable Value! Over the recent years, we've all become aware of MEV. However, just like miners can extract value from their sequencing power, oracles can extract value