🛣️ Path - The Ultimate Path to DeFi security research

The internet is flooded with lot’s of awesome web3 hacking resources, awesome lists, courses, articles, git repos and more. It’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. There are multiple roadmaps, ctf’s and “how to become an auditor” articles that give really good directions and good advice.

You’ve read the title, so you’re probably wondering why I’d create yet another path / roadmap to aid on the road of becoming an auditor. It’s precisely that, this is a guide to navigating the many resources out there. Not just that, each quest has objectives for you to complete, objectives that aren’t just “boring homework”, but real research projects and exercises that will help you become a better hacker.

This path is simple, it’s a free, curated set of path quests that you can follow to build a really good foundation to start hacking defi protocols. Every path quest explores a specific topic, and heavily relies on lots of the awesome & already published content and ctf’s out there.

⚔ Quests

Introductory quests:

Deep Dives:

  • [[Path Quest - A Crashcourse in Economics]]
  • [[Path Quest - Oracles, Flashloans and other integrations]]
  • [[Path Quest - Sandwich attacks]]
  • [[Path Quest - Re-entrancy]]
  • [[Path Quest - MEV and how attackers can abuse this new paradigm]]
  • [[Path Quest - The EVM & Solidity]]
💡 These deep dives will kickstart your journey. Don’t let me keep you back from doing some side-quests and exploring each topic further!

Practical Skills

  • [[Path Quest - Approaching a Target]]
  • [[Path Quest - Tools ( a basic guide )]]
  • [[Path Quest - Building a proof of concept]]
  • [[Path Quest - Writing a Report]]
❗️ Quests with [[brackets]] are not yet published!

Quest Objectives

Everything we ask you to do in this path is centered on putting you in situations that are as real as possible, focussing on two themes:

  • research
  • exploitation

In a lot of cases I’m going to ask you to write (and publish) a blog post, this has a couple of reasons:

  • 🚀 Share your work, build your portfolio and pay it forward!
  • 🧠 Writing is a killer tool for thinking.