šŸš€ Projects

šŸš€ Projects

These are some of the projects that I've contributed to.

šŸ’„ Mythril

Mythril is a symbolic executor for the Ethereum bytecode. It comes with batteries included; it can automatically find vulnerabilities, and generate exploits.

Security analysis tool for EVM bytecode. Supports smart contracts built for Ethereum, Hedera, Quorum, Vechain, Roostock, Tron and other EVM-compatible blockchains. - ConsenSys/mythril

šŸŒ€ Vertigo

Vertigo is a mutation testing tool for Ethereum smart contracts. Mutation testing is a technique to evaluate the quality of unit tests. Even though standard coverage is the most used metric for test quality, mutation testing can provide much more insight.

Mutation Testing for Ethereum Smart Contracts. Contribute to JoranHonig/vertigo development by creating an account on GitHub.

šŸŒ“ tree-sitter-solidity

Tree-sitter-solidity is an incremental parser for the Solidity programming language. The parser is incredibly fast and generates an AST optimised for further analysis.

Solidity grammar for tree sitter. Contribute to JoranHonig/tree-sitter-solidity development by creating an account on GitHub.