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Start Here

šŸ‘‹ Hi reader,

If you're reading this page, then you've probably landed on this site through an article or other content piece. Welcome! I (Joran) am using this site as a platform for posts around security, mental models for security, software analysis and distributed systems.

Although deviations from this general theme will occur.

šŸ“– Articles

Most of the content on this site will come in the shape of articles; I recommend getting started with:

Otherwise, just browse what's new here.

šŸš€ Projects

I've written some tools and libraries for security & software analysis.

Currently, I'm mostly working on vertigo and tree-sitter-solidity, but the projects page has an overview of all the projects that I'm proud of.

You can also find all of these projects on GitHub if you're one of those "cut the crap, show me the code" kind of people.